Qwizl Treat Toy

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Qwizl™ is West Paw Design's new interactive treat-dispensing toy that keeps doggys stimulated and pleasantly puzzled. Its brilliant design extends the life of expensive dog treats while prolonging play to keep dogs interested in their own snacks and away from shoes. Qwizl is also great for interactive play so go ahead and toss it after the treats are gone. 

***Qwizl™ is currently on backorder and will not ship until the first week in July.

Qwizl is available in two sizes, small (5.5") and large (6.5") and available in West Paw Design’s classic, easy-to-spot colors, Aqua, Tangerine, and Granny Apple. Prices vary by size. 

Like all West Paw Design's Zogoflex® dog toys, Qwizl is recyclable, latex-free, BPA-and-phthalate-free, FDA compliant (meaning it’s safe to eat off of), and Guaranteed to Last.

Remember to choose appropriate toys for your dog and to always be safe. 

Why We Love It:

Qwizl is perfect for any doggys who have to spend time indoors and need a toy to keep their minds occupied and stomachs full.

What can you put inside Qwizl™? Try bully sticks, dental chews, nut butters, string beans, kibble, jerky, cheese chunks, smashed banana, dog biscuits, and more. Be creative!

Why Does qwizl look this way? Qwizl’s central hole allows the ends of treats to stick enticingly out, while its flexible inner ridges hold snacks in place and the side openings give a hint of the goodness inside. Designed for optimal durability, its shape invites chewing, tossing, and fetching.

Where Can qwizl Go? Qwizl goes indoors, outdoors, in the water, and–when it’s time for an easy clean up–in the dishwasher!

Typically ships in 3-5 days. For International Orders or outside of the Continental US, please allow an additional 7-10 days for shipment