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Get to know about the Designers we carry. We carry the best, most distinctive designers and manufacturers of pet products for your wonderful Doggy.


All of their products are manufactured by 2 Hounds Design in Monroe, North Carolina.  

Their products are built on rock solid principles, with a conscience, from the highest quality materials. Their products are proudly manufactured in the USA and they back them with some of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.



The Bubba Rose Biscuit Co. is the foremost purveyor of exceptionally crafted 5 star dog treats 
with a selection as diverse as the breeds we cater to!

Dogs are family. Period. Bubba Rose Biscuit Co. believes that every dog treat should be made with real, wholesome, clean ingredients. That's why they use local, organic, fresh ingredients from the USA and never any preservatives. Every treat they bake is wheat, corn, soy & gluten free (the most common allergens and fillers in commercial dog products) and always baked in small batches in their bakery in NJ. All their meats are locally sourced, free-range, grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free. They only use local, cage-free eggs as well. They love animals (that includes farm animals) and want only the best quality and most humane meat and eggs being used in their treats. Everything they make is free of chemicals, salt, artificial flavors, colors, fillers and GMO ingredients. Just healthy, simple ingredients go into their treats. And by the way, the dogs absolutely love them!

Founded by Jessica and Eric Talley in 2006, and inspired by their rescue dogs, Bob aka Bubba (the bully) and Rose (the greyhound). They care about what we eat and where it comes from and wanted to do the same for our dogs, the loves of our lives. Bob also suffered from severe allergies, so they quickly took to baking for them and wanted to share the amazing products they were making with the world. They are the authors of 5 dog treat cookbooks including The Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook and their products are currently sold in over 950 locations across the country and internationally, as well as in the one and only bakery in Boonton, NJ (stop by and say hello). 

They have been featured on NBC's Today Show, People Magazine, NY Times Style Magazine, Country Living, Town & Country Magazine, HGTVs Posh Pets, NatGeo Wild's Spoiled Rotten Pets!, Bark Magazine, Modern Dog and many more!



Pet Wellness and prevention of unnecessary neck injuries associated with pet restraints begins with the ChokeFreeTM Pet Shoulder CollarTM.


Patent No. 6792894

Wellness Begins with Prevention

Many pets can have trouble breathing when they pull against a restraint leash while wearing a conventional collar or harness and they can experience pressure against their airway causing choking, coughing, wheezing, & injury.  Pressure against the airway can also result in an increase in pressure in the pet's eye.

Unfortunately, many times pet owners do not realize that their pet's collar or harness is applying pressure to the pet's airway and causing choking.  Many pet owners do not associate the breathing noises that pet's make while under restraint with the fact that their pet is experiencing pressure on the airway. 

The unique design of the ChokeFree™  shoulder collar does not place pressure against the pet's neck, forechest, or airway area. 

ChokeFree™ provides a wonderful solution for preventing the problems associated with pet restraints.  It is no longer necessary to place a pet in a conventional neck collar or harness and run the risk of putting pressure against the airway and causing choking or causing an increase in eye pressure.



Studies have shown that many pets that have been restrained on a leash have experienced neck problems. 

Many times the smaller breed dogs experience a condition called collapsed trachea.  Trachea is another name for the windpipe which is the tube that connects the mouth, nose, and throat to the lungs.  Some dogs with a collapsed trachea will experience an occasional cough that sounds similar to a honking noise.   Pets with a collapsed trachea can experience gagging and difficulty with breathing

It has been noted that a collapsed trachea is more likely to occur when a pet is breathing faster than normal, or when there is added pressure around the outside of the trachea, such as when a pet is being restrained.  Pet owners can help with this condition by switching from a collar to a  harness that does not place pressure on the pet’s trachea.

A harness, instead of a collar, is recommended for restraining dogs susceptible to tracheal collapse so that pressure is not applied to the neck, forechest or airway area.  The unique design of the ChokeFree™  pet shoulder collar does not place pressure against the pet's neck or forechest area. 



Studies have shown that many pets that have been restrained on a neck collar have experienced an increased intraocular pressure.  Glaucoma is a common condition in dogs.  Dogs with glaucoma experience heightened pressure in the eye.  A study was performed at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, and the study showed that when collar pressure was applied, there was an increase in the pressure in the dog's eye.  It was noted that even the most brief increases of pressure in canines afflicted with any type of occular disease including glaucoma, can trigger damaging effects on the eye. 

The unique design of the ChokeFree™  pet shoulder collar does not place pressure against the pet's neck or forechest area and allows the pet to be restrained without causing pressure against the airway.


ChokeFree Design

The Choke Free™  Shoulder Collar pet restraint combines the convenience of a strap like collar with features similar to those of a harness that surrounds the pet's shoulders.



Dog Bed designs based on some of the world's most iconic products and brands. Perfect for your little doggy.


Doggie Design has been in business since 1999, when Michele designed her very first Netted Velcro Dog Harness. Since then she has gone on to become one of the top Designers for Pet Apparel and Pet Accessories. She is truly a Pioneer, with unique ideas and styles. She was one of the first Designers to come out with Pet Costumes, Pet Tuxedos, Dog Harnesses, Designer Dog Dresses and Designer Dog Panties. Their Designs have been features in Movies, TV Shows, TV Commercials, Good Morning America, Boston Herald, Magazines, Local TV Shows, Red Carpet Events in London and Los Angeles.

One of their Newest product additions is their Patented Ultra Choke Free Dog Harness. They continually get 5 star ratings. It has become the #1 Healthy and Fashionable choice in Dog Harnesses. The rare combination of Style and Pet Health and Pet Safety, are the key elements of the Ultra Choke Free Dog Harness. It is Trachea Safe, soft around the arms and has a calming comfort contoured fit. It also is adjustable to allow for Best Fit.



DoggieNation is your one stop shop for officially licensed sports apparel and accessories for dogs, offering NFL, Major League Baseball, NBA, College, NASCAR dog jerseys, dog collars, dog leashes, dog bandanas, dog bowls, dog toys and more. We offer a great selection for all types and sizes of dogs.  We even offer a customized collegiate dog jersey where you can add your dog’s name.  Imagine your pup wearing his own jersey with his name on it!  We want to make sure you are happy with your dog’s new collar, bandana or jersey and tell your friends about us. Dogs are a huge part of our family here and we enjoy seeing pictures of your pups wearing their sports gear. (If you do not see what you need, please send me an email and I will get it added to my site for you. Thanks, Dawn)



Launched in 2004, DOGO products can be found in hundreds of pet stores worldwide. They offer a wide selection of dog apparels and accessories with constant updates that are always fun, fresh, and in style.  Their inspirations are from trends in the human world as they interpret them in a way that’s uniquely fitting to the DOGO dog world.  They believe pets are part of the family.  With that in mind, their mission has always been to design products that are not only fashionable, but hold a high standard in quality.  In short, they believe you wouldn’t buy something for your pet if you wouldn’t use it yourself.



Geopetric is an exclusive pets for pets brand! Providing quality-first, vegan, cruelty-free pet products. Each product they create is crafted by them in the U.S. and was designed to represent your personal style...and offers stylish accessories to represent the connection you share with your hooman too!

Every purchase is embedded with conscientious consumers in mind. That's why with every order you place, Geopetric will always donate 10% percent of your pawfect purchase to reputable animal rescue and adoption centers all across the globe.





The goal at The Green Pet Shop is to provide unique, affordable products that care for our pets without compromising the environment. Although some of their products may be considered more Eco-Friendly than others, the health and therapeutic properties of such products have shown to be so beneficial that we have decided to carry them.


There are many products available today that are manufactured with recycled materials. From beds constructed with recycled soda bottles to metal hood ornaments, purchasing products made with recycled materials"closes the loop" and helps preserve our planet.


From their anti-itch shampoos/sprays, bamboo bowls and biodegradable pet wipes/doggy bags — it is their goal to provide a product line that consists of all natural, organic ingredients.

The Green Pet Shop Cool Pet Pad is Winning Awards & Great Reviews:

The Green Pet Shop Cool Pet Pad is Winning Awards & Great Reviews:

  • Modern Dog Magazine – Our Favorite Things
  • Beagles & Bargains Review for The Green Pet Shop Cool Pet Pad
  • Peppers Paws Review of the Green Pet Shop Cool Pet Pad
  • Pet Guide Votes Green Pet Shop Cool Pet Pad -Top 10 Outdoor Bed
  • Great Review from Oz the Terrier – South Florida Loves the Green Pet Shop Cool Pet Pad!
  • Green Pet Shop on WCIU TV in Chicago


Hello Doggie specializes in original luxury pet accessories made to give your pet the feeling of elite living. Hello Doggie uses the highest quality fabrics to ensure long lasting comfort for every day use. Each product is carefully designed and handmade in their own factory in Davie, Florida, USA. 

From bows to crystals to the satin binding on their blankets, the majority of their products are practical, easy care, machine washable, and reversible.

Every product is specially made with a little extra tender love and care for everlasting quality and comfort.


World famous Hip Doggie has been a leader in designer pet apparel and accessories since 2001 and is World renowned for trend setting style, award winning designs, impeccable quality and remarkable fit! You and your special dog will love the innovative and unique products that have made the Hip Doggie brand so popular worldwide. Hip Doggie's global brand recognition comes from a large international customer base that includes the best pet boutiques and dog lovers from all over the World. Hip Doggie fans include numerous celebrity clients such as Paris Hilton, Kelly Osborne, Paula Abdul, Harry Connick Jr., Eva Longoria, Brittney Spears, Kevin Jonas, Eric Bana, Chris Isaac, Shakira and Mila Kunis... who's dogs all love Hip Doggie. Don't be surprised when you... Hip Doggie signature styles and products are featured in magazines and on runways all over the globe and continue to make regular appearances in TV and film.



The story of Hunter K9 Gear by Max. 

Hi, I'm Max a little Jack Russell Terrier. My mommy adopted me September of 2003 and 3 months later adopted my best friend Hunter; a great big Springer Spaniel for me to play with. Then a few months later my mommy adopted another Jack Russell named Lexi! Inside the house I love to take Hunter's bones & boss him around; but outside the house he protects me from the hawks & neighborhood dogs. We like to call Lexi the queen bee because she bosses everyone around!

Well, we are so much fun... that mommy started this great doggy travel website to have more time to stay home & play with us. My mom and dad want to adopt more puppies in need for me to play with, I'm thinking of a family of 8. My mom loves dogs and started this business to sell high-quality travel products at very competitive prices..... we need more toys TOO!

Have fun shopping!



I See Spot was launched in July of 2003 with rave reviews from the L.A. Times and has been going strong ever since. Now some of the most pampered pets in the world have I See Spot's pet clothing in their wardrobes. From 1-2 lb. teacups to 65 lb. larger breeds, I See Spot is known for high quality and comfortable style. The collection features personality tanks, dresses that reflect today’s hottest trends, comfortable scarves and unique, practical harnesses. Recently I See Spot launched SpotVet, a product line geared toward healing in comfort. I See Spot clothing has been featured in upscale trade magazines such as Paw Luxuries, the New York Dog, Fido Friendly and in mainstream publications such as Us Weekly and MSNBC online. It was also featured on the first season of Animal Planet's “Groomer Has It” as well as on many local news stations and newspapers throughout the country. I See Spot's factory is located in Los Angeles, California. All of our products are proudly made in the USA!


Loopies® were inspired by a documentary on why we are attracted to certain visual elements. It said that we naturally find symmetry attractive, which made them wonder if dog toys based on symmetry would be as attractive to their eyes as they are to ours.

In 2001, they set out to create a line of irresistible dog toys based on this theory. They wanted them to appeal to their primitive instincts as well as your advanced sense of style. So, they started with sketches of brightly colored, symmetrical shapes. Those evolved into the distinctive, six-loop design they still use today, which offers lots of places to grab onto when playing fetch and tug-of-war. Then, they crafted them out of soft, durable, quality materials because they had to feel good in their mouths, be gentle on their teeth and last a long time.

They knew they were onto something when their founder and her dog Bailey were playing with an early prototype on the beach. Other people’s dogs saw the colorful, symmetrical toy, joined in the fun and one of them ran off with it! They never got that one back, but they gained a ton of confidence that dogs everywhere would love their uniquely shaped toys.

Since then, they've added a full line of multifunctioning dog toys!

We hope that Loopies bring you and your pet lots of happiness.


Sold on 6 continents, in over 40 countries, Mirage is a family-owned pet products manufacturer that has a reputation for supplying great products.
Mirage is a socially conscious company, giving back to help with social issues facing our world.  From drilling wells for clean water and working to help increase the population of endangered animals in Africa to assisting in tragedies across the developed world, as well as working with rescues and shelters, they are truly proud of their ability to make the world a better place than it was when we got here.   

  They manufacture nearly all of their products in the U.S. to maintain high standards of quality in their products and fairness and integrity with their employees.  

 OoMaLoo established their pet toys, apparel and accessories business in 2001. They have been hiring women who can use their hand skills to generate income for their families.


OoMaLoo pieces are handmade by women in poor, multi-ethnic neighborhoods of Istanbul. Doing needlework at home is one of the few ways these women have to earn income. With each beautiful item, they share a part of their history, their culture, and their lives. In the age of high technology and machines, OoMaLoo values the skill and knowledge of these women. OoMaLoo is proud to work with them, thus both preserving traditions and creating beautiful products for the modern world.


Pet Gear Inc. is a division of Vermont Juvenile Furniture, a company that has been manufacturing products for babies since 1936. Just as Vermont Juvenile Furniture provided products to care for babies, Pet Gear Inc. is now providing products to take care for the other baby in the family.We are committed to providing products that will offer pets the most comfortable surroundings at very affordable prices.




Pinkaholic ® New York

With more than 10 years of prior experience and expertise in the pet fashion industry, Pinkaholic® New York was launched in 2006 and have then since developed the newest and cutest products for female pups. “Pinkaholic” is a term used to describe an addiction and/or attraction to pink. As the name suggests, Pink is the primary color of our concept. “Sweet & Lovely” …from concept to reality, Pinkaholic brings a sensational fashion sense with irresistibly cute design, that will make your precious pup stand out. With two seasonal turnaround times, we ensure product continuity and availability to keep your pets comfortable and fashionable all year long.




P.L.A.Y. makes quality dog beds with pets, people, and the planet in mind. When they were looking for quality dog beds for their own four-legged friends, they couldn’t find one that fit their lifestyle as modern pet owners, so they made their own.

Each bed is crafted for maximum comfort and ergonomic support, feature stylish and easy to care for covers, and are made from sustainable materials to protect Mother Earth.

They understand the needs of today’s pet owners, and craft quality dog beds to meet these needs through multiple washes, days in front of the TV, and nights when your bed or lap is unavailable.




Puppe Love is dedicated specifically to small dogs and fulfilling the special needs for comfortable and fashionable clothing. Each item is made with loving care for your special pet. The heart of your dog is in their mind, as they think how your little dog would like to look and feel in every Puppe Love product. You can feel confident their goal is to bring you the finest quality small fashion and function at affordable prices.

They love small dogs. They want you to enjoy the moments of joy and affection seeing your special pet dressed in any of their unique designs. Little dog clothes require a lot of attention to detail to make a good fit. Their fit is world famous because of their experience with small dogs and small dog clothing and accessories. Puppe Love has been making premium costumes for dogs since 1988.


PUPPIA® is an abbreviation of "PUPPY & UTOPIA". Puppia is a global pet fashion design group for dogs. With know-how accumulated in the fashion world for many years and sense of designs, our products are highly accepted in the world. They have many years of experience in the fashion world and our designs are among the best for the dogs. Since they know about pets and fashion as well, PUPPIA will be the your go-to company for dogs and for the people, who love dogs. Puppia is sure to represent the best of the best. .


The Dog Squad was established in 2003 when fashion designer Laurie Patrick took home her Cairn terrier, Teddy, from a local pet store who was giving him away. Inspired by Teddy and her 20 year background as a fashion designer, she set out to create a line of “fashion for the discriminating dog.”

The Dog Squad, offers a variety of fashion forward products that reflect Laurie’s design signature; from bling collars and Swarovski crystal necklaces to attitude tee shirts and sherpa jackets. Inspired by fashion trends, the line has also garnered attention in the “human” market where she has created special matching people tee shirts, sleep shirts and brooches.

Designer and founder, Laurie Patrick, has worked as a fashion designer for over 20 years. She has designed and merchandised everything from sportswear to swimwear collections for prestigious companies as Guess, BCBG and Catalina Swimwear. In 1992 she was nominated for the Dallas Fashion Award for the creation and design of “London Beat,” an edgy swimwear/bodywear line.


The West Paw Story

You've found them! We're excited to share their story with you . . .

In 1996, Montana-native Spencer Williams, purchased a small pet toy company in Livingston, Montana. Growing up on a ranch a few hours away, animals had a special place in his heart - especially stray dogs and cats. So, with five full-time employees, and an impressive team of home-sewers, they set out to make the world's safest and highest quality dog and cat toys.

Four years later, the company outgrew its facility so all 15 employees packed up and headed west (about 26 miles) to Bozeman (population: 28,000). Instead of outsourcing manufacturing to Asia, which was the current trend in the 90’s, Spencer decided to invest in local talent and built a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly manufacturing facility where we still operate from today. 


When you live and work in a place like Montana, you can’t help but be inspired by the planet’s natural beauty. This is why they incorporate sustainable practices in manufacturing and thoughtfully design their toys and beds. An example of this is their award winning and extremely durable Zogoflex® dog toys - they can all be infinitely recycled through their Join the Loop® program. It also inspired them to became co-founders of the Montana Coalition for the Outdoors and Pet Sustainability Coalition.


The crew at West Paw always knew they were going to do more than "manufacture dog toys," they were going to make a difference . . .

In 2016, Forbes magazine named them "One of the Best Small Companies" in America. West Paw Design was Montana's first Benefit Corporation and the first pet product company to become a Certified B Corp. West Paw has also been recognized as the "Best Place to Work in Montana". They currently employ 70 + employees who are continually challenged to design the world’s most eco-friendly and safest pet products.

While some thing have changed, a lot remains the same. They still use USDA certified organic catnip in their cat toys and store finished goods in re-usable banana boxes (keeping them out of the landfill and eliminating the need to buy plastic totes). The team continues to develop responsible and eco-friendly manufacturing practices in all areas of the company. They were the first pet product company to use IntelliLoft®, a recycled plastic fill and fabric in their toys and beds.

It’s been over 20 years since Spencer started the company now known as West Paw and he couldn't be happier. “Pets add so much joy to people’s lives and one of our values is to give back to them with great products. Being in Montana, and working with an amazing team of people, is not a bad way to spend my days.”

Made by US. Designed for the love of pets and the planet™