Shelter Dogs Need Volunteer Walkers

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I bet you can't guess that I love dogs! I am interested in all kinds of things pertaining to dogs, but one thing I try to do every day is help find shelter dogs homes. I do this by sharing in Facebook and re-tweeting in Twitter. I know my effort is very little when I think about all the dogs and cats living in shelters right now. I follow various dog rescue and shelters in both the United States and the United Kingdom. I also read articles I find interesting about dogs most mornings.

This morning I read a very interesting article in The Bark Magazine about shelters needing volunteers to walk dogs. In this article, Go Walk Shelter Dogs, the author, Debbie Sporcich, talks about volunteering at her local shelter. She quickly found out the dogs at her shelter almost never were able to get out of their crate because there just were not enough volunteers to take the dogs out for walks. As heartbreaking as it was for Debbie in the beginning, she kept going back to walk dogs at her shelter. She realized what a difference it was making to the dogs and went back day after day. Debbie was giving the dogs she was walking exercise, human companionship and a chance to potty outside. She realized she could not possibly walk all the dogs everyday and needed help. Thus was born Debbie's organization, go WALK shelter DOGS

As I read her article, I could see the need for her organization. I kept thinking about all the people I know who are like me. These people are dog lovers and would like to do all they can to help shelter dogs and cats. This would be something most of us can do. If you have a day, a week or a weekend you can carve some hours out of, please think about reading Debbie's article and then going to Debbie's organization website to see how you can volunteer to walk shelter dogs. It's a little thing we can do that would make a big impact on a dog's life while in a shelter. Please think about it. 

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