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My dogs would love it if I fed them people food. I really struggle with this from time to time. I have family members who have tried to sneak them food under the table. Every now and again I break down and give them bites of chicken or other meats I did not eat from my plate. I try really hard to make sure there are no seasonings on these bites of meat when I do. 

At one time, I fed my dogs frozen green beans I had thawed. They really seemed to like these, so I am not sure why I stopped doing this. I was doing my morning reading of articles about dogs and pets when an article from The Bark Magazine caught my eye. The article is titled, 10 (More) Easy Pieces to Liven Up Your Dog’s Meals by Roschelle Heuberger, PhD. We all know feeding our dogs chocolate, grapes, raisins and onions can really hurt them, so I was glad to get a list of healthy people food they could eat. Most of these I knew, but a couple were surprises, like parsley. 

If you decide to start feeding your dog some or all of these healthy people foods, start slow and gradually increase. These are just in addition to your dogs diet now and would not constitute a well balanced diet by themselves. If your dog has health or weight issues, be sure and check with your vet before adding any of these to their diet. I am going to list the fruits and vegetables Roschelle Heuberger has in her article. I really encourage you to read the whole article to see all the nutritional benefits of each.

1.  Carrots

2.  Green Beans

3.  Parsley

4.  Papaya

5.  Pumpkin

6.  Cranberries

7.  Sardines

8.  Wheat Grass

9.  Turnip Greens

10. Nutritional Yeast

Reading her list, I think I will go back to getting green beans and carrots, for sure, to give my dogs as a special treat in addition to their regular food. If they don't like fresh, I will get frozen again. I know they like that. This time of year would be a good time to get fresh pumpkin also. Other times of the year, I can easily get canned whole pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling). I will definitely be getting organic, if available. 

I will be going back and reading her first article about healthy people food. I think Belle and Abbie are going to be really happy with me. 

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