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March is National Severe Weather Preparedness Month. No matter where you live, you could be hit with severe weather. I live in Florida, so from June to November I pay attention to storms coming off the coast of Africa which could become hurricanes. Before moving to Florida, I lived in North Central Texas which is part of tornado alley. You might have to deal with flooding or wildfires. I am also a full time RV'er now, so I know I have to have a Go Bag prepared for myself. Until recently, I really hadn't given much thought to having a Go Bag for my dogs. 

I have really been thinking about what I would put in a Go Bag for Belle and Abbie. A Go Bag for your pet should have the things you will need to care for them in an emergency. These are the things I have come up with:

1.  A small bag of their dog food

2.  A collapsible bowl(s) - I would want one for food and one for water

3.  Their shot/vet records

4.  Any medications they might need. I would include their heartworm preventative and whatever flea and tick prevention you use, such as Frontline. 

5.  Poop bags

6.  A first-aid kit. You can get with your vet to see what they recommend you have on hand.

7.  Identification tags for sure on their collar. I really recommend having your dog chipped also. In an emergency, things can get really chaotic and too many dogs get separated from their owners. 

8.  A small blanket to keep your dog warm, if need be. 

These are items which could be packed easily in a backpack or a small rolling suitcase. This needs to be something you can grab up in a hurry to take with you, just like your own Go Bag. 

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