Dog People Are The Best People

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In my opinion, dog people are the best people. It has been my experience that people who love dogs tend to be very caring people. The dog people I know tend to be very friendly, open to new people and experiences, especially if their dog is by their side. Having been a full time RV'er and now living in an RV park, people out walking their dogs will almost always stop to chat. They will introduce themselves and are more than happy to tell you all about their doggy. These stops to talk about our dogs have led to some really great friendships for me that continue to this day. 

I recently read an article in BarkPost by Lori Goldman. In this article, she listed the results of a study BarkBox commissioned with Kelton Communications. This was an online survey of 1000 Americans. This study confirmed dog people are really the best people. She goes on to list the top 12 reasons why this is true.

1. Dog people have zero boundaries - When was the last time you went to the bathroom by yourself. You know you don't get to and don't even think about closing the door. Don't laugh, but I have even been known to put Abbie on my lap while I am sitting on the throne because she won't have it any other way. 

2. Dog people are not comfortable until their dog is comfortable - In the study, 1/3 of the people who reported sharing their bed with their dog stated they would do anything to make sure their dog is comfortable. I know I am guilty of this. I wait until Belle and Abbie are settled down in the bed and then I get comfortable around them. 

3. We are very loyal to our doggys - 1 in 4 dog parents insist their dog go to social functions and even plan social functions around their dogs. I know my late husband, Chuck, and I always said "if Belle can't go, we can't go" for any extended stay away from home. Because she was born blind, we were always uneasy about her staying with anyone else. I still feel that way, but now Abbie has been added to that statement. 

4. Dogs make us more active - You know yourself if your dog is bugging you to go for a walk, you will get up and go no matter how much you want to finish watching that show.

5. Dogs are our personal therapist 24/7 - 85% of dog people say their dog has gotten them through some really tough times. When I lost my husband, all I wanted to do was hug our dogs. I really believe they understood as they were mourning his loss also. 

6. We will sacrifice for our dogs - 90% of the dog parents in this study said they would give up nearly anything for a month if it made their dogs happy. 

7. Our generosity knows no bounds when it comes to our dogs - 97% of the people in this study said they would go out of their way to get something for their dog. My dogs think that a trip to the grocery store always nets them a treat. It could be because this is true. My dogs will sniff the grocery bags trying to find out which one contains their new treat or toy. 

8. Like me, like my dog - If you want to be my friend, you have to be my dog's friend too. I will never know what all Abbie went through before I got her as a puppy. Abbie is very uneasy around new people and is terrified of children. My friends know to let Abbie come to them instead of reaching for her first. My friends also know to look down and watch for Belle because they can see her and she cannot see them. 

9. Dog people are happier people - 71% of the people in this study said their dogs made them all around happier people because of their dogs

10. Dog people are patient people - How many times have you stood in the freezing cold, or the rain waiting until your dog found just the perfect place to go potty? 

11. If you want something done right, ask a dog person - It takes commitment to care for all the needs of a dog. More than half of the people in this study said they were more responsible people after becoming a dog parent. 

12. Dog people are more social - Our dogs are friendly and so are we. We like pack living and tend to have a larger pack of friends. Our door is always open to our friends and we always have time for a phone call when our friends need us. 

I was glad to see this study confirm my opinion that dog people are the best people. This study confirmed the dog people of America are kind, thoughtful of others, generous and responsible. We already knew this! 

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