Abbie, Belle And The Time Change

Posted by Dawn Shive on

My internal clock is scary accurate. It just seems to know when it is around 4:30 in the morning, time change or not. I did get my extra hour of sleep this morning because my eyes flew open at 4:40 this morning. Not the same with my Abbie. She is not and never has been a morning creature. This morning was no different.

Belle is more set to my routine. I think that may be because she is blind. Her hearing is off the charts. I sat up and turned the lamp on beside my bed. Belle raised and turned her head toward me. Abbie was still sound asleep under the covers. She was softly snoring and never changed rhythm. I got out of bed. Belle got up also, stretching by dragging her hind feet behind her while arching her head and back up. Abbie never moved based on the little mound under the covers. I picked Belle up and set her on the floor. Still no movement from the little mound.

I headed for the kitchen to start my coffee while Belle went out the doggy door. When she first gets up, her radar is a little off. I can tell she was not totally awake because she was using her nose to feel for the doggy door. When she is fully awake, she can hit that doggy door, dead center, at a full run down the hall. Still no sounds of movement from Abbie. Belle decided to bark a little bit to let the world know she was awake. That did not get Abbie up still. Normally, if Belle is outside and barks, Abbie is out the doggy door in a flash. Not if she is not ready to get out of bed though.

With my coffee in hand, I headed into my workroom to get my computer work done. Belle came back in and curled up by my feet. This is our normal routine. Two hours later, here comes Abbie. She rushes into the workroom to let me know she is finally up, her tail (nub) wagging frantically. She raised up, stretching, against my leg to be petted. As soon as she knew she was not all alone, she turned and headed out the doggy door. We are now all up in my household and the sun is finally up also. I think Abbie's internal clock is set to when the sun comes up, time change or not.

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