5 Halloween Scares For Your Dog

Tomorrow is Halloween and Halloween can set up some really scary situations for your dog and you. According to Modern Dog Magazine, here are some things we should be very careful of at Halloween. 

1. We are all aware of the fact that chocolate is dangerous for our dogs, but did you know dark chocolate is even more so? I didn't. Dark chocolate is the most dangerous form of chocolate for our dogs because it contains a higher concentration of toxins like theobromine and caffeine. At the very least, eating dark chocolate can cause your dog to have diarrhea, vomiting, increased heart rate and blood pressure. Depending on how much your dog eats, this can also cause death. 

2. While we are talking about dangers of Halloween candy, we need to all be aware of how dangerous other foods can be to our dogs. Take, for instance, raisins. Raisins and all grapes. Raisins or grapes should never be fed to our best friends, our dog. Did you know that even in small amounts, raisins can cause kidney failure? 

3. I am pretty sure you, like me, are going to dress our Doggy up for Halloween in some way. We are part of the 16.2% of pet parents who will dress our pets for Halloween according to the National Retail Federation. We do want to be aware of some hazards to doing this, however. We want to be sure our dogs can breath and move freely in their costumes. I generally go for either a tee shirt or sweater with a Halloween motif because our dogs can see pom poms and things like that as toys. These can definitely be choking hazards. Make sure your dog does not become dehydrated in whatever your do dress your Doggy in. 

4. Be aware your dog can dash out the front door while you are handing out candy to all the little Trick or Treaters. It is awfully easy for you to lose track of your baby in all the confusion. You might consider putting your dog in a separate room with plenty of food and water. 

5. Candy wrappers can be another huge danger to your Doggy. We all have to remember what a good sense of smell our babies have. Just think of how good all those wrappers must smell even with no candy still in them. If your dog eats these, they can become stuck in his/her gut. This can cause an obstruction, which could require surgery to remove. 

I love Halloween. It is so much fun to see all the kids and pets dressed up in their costumes. Keeping these 5 dangers in mind helps to keep Halloween fun for you and your Doggy.